America's Senator

Knocking Down Issues Together

America’s Senator is a 501C4 whose mission is to reduce violence, eradicate food deserts, end local corruption, increase patriotism, and support solutions for some of America’s systemic issues.

As of 2016, he was ignorant to politics and had only voted twice in life and both times for Barack Obama and straight ticket for the Democrats. In 2016, during the presidential primary he was injected with a political serum for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Traveling through over forty states focused on urban cores is when he became angry at the state of Democrat led communities and the push back he received from Democrats for supporting Bernie Sanders. At that moment he felt like he and many of his family members, friends and peers had been hoodwinked by Democrats.

Not fully understanding the correlation between poverty, crime, broken homes, lack of opportunity specifically for Blacks in Urban cores caused him great discomfort. Determined to better understand some of America’s most persistent issues in order to solve them he spent 300 days a year from 2016 until 2021 traveling America.

Once he obtained and analyzed the data, he developed solutions and introduced them to elected officials, agencies and large non profits only to be ignored or lied to regarding funding. He had come face to face with America’s greatest threat egotistical, greedy and corrupt idiots from city council members, mayors, state reps and US congress members. They had single handedly destroyed urban cores across America.

His goal as an independent thinker is to unite a politically divided America by working with and supporting elected officials based on their policies, body of work and their ability to put Americans First.

Your Donation

In order to solve some of America’s issues while creating opportunities, it will take your donations and hard work. Just understand some will not support progress because it stops their funding.

What We Do

America’s Senator has identified issues that affect Americans and America negatively such as a lack of American Pride, local corruption by elected officials and municipalities members, and divisive tactics that have divided the country.

Cultivating Patriotism

Corruption Stoppers

Uniting America

Great American Challenge
It is a national tour to gain support to develop the best American possible.
Oct. 2022
SLAC Rallies
Rallies that educate Sistas about conservatives based on facts, truth, and their willingness to their fellow conservatives.
Jan. 2023
Join The Team Tour
Is a national effort to capture 1,000,000 America's Senator team members.
Oct. 2023
Knockin Down Issues Tour
It is a national tour focusing on the value of life, seeking out snakes, and corruption in local municipalities.


Legal Fund

This fund will lead the charge in stopping local corruption and misuse of federal funds. Americas Senator will target municipalities that breach their duty of care charter, elected officials that fail to serve their communities, launch effective recalls and support those that stand up for constitutional rights. The legal fund will hire private investigators and support lawsuits in order to equalize, protect and serve Americans in need of assistance.

Knocking Down
Issues Together

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