Sistas Learning About Conservatives

Americas Senator believes that women with the appropriate resources and a conservative mindset are the only way urban cores will reduce crime, tackle poverty and reverse complacency.


Americas Senator defines a conservative mindset as:

  • One that prefers an opportunity over a handout.

  • One that considers the cost and benefits when they spend their monies.

  • One that likes facts over feelings.

  • One that desires to pay their way.

  • One that focuses on saving versus spending recklessly.

  • One that will stand up for themselves and what they believe in.


Teach Sistas how to seek the truth about policies and how they affect their faith, freedom, and family.


Through truth, Sistas mindsets will have the knowledge and skill set to cultivate patriotism, reduce crime and provide opportunities within their communities.

Provide Sistas with the knowledge, leverage and resources on how to reduce crime in their communities, access economic opportunities within their zip code, obtain homeownership and most importantly how to force school districts to protect and educate their children.


Support The Movement

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