America and American families have been broken and abandoned by our government, politics, and false realities through media and social media. The results have been catastrophic, leaving many Americans feeling extremely violent and less caring for veterans, seniors, and our fellow Americans.
Federal funds are wasted at every level of government by ineffective agencies and elected officials, and the local-level failures destroy lives. Some of the most recent failures include funding allocation of billions from the CARES and HEROS ACT.
Many urban cities face multi-prong issues such as homelessness, extreme violence, and hunger despite higher budgets and hundreds of millions in federal funding. When investigated, it becomes apparent that corruption, lack of policies, and egos were the barriers against progress.

Americans are suffering across America from a lack of access to healthy food options due to many food deserts. Food deserts are regions where people have limited access to healthy and affordable food. Without access to healthy foods, people living in food deserts may be at higher risk of diet-related conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Senseless violence and out-of-control crime are destroying American families and communities. The question should be, how much is a life worth? The violence has spread from large cities to smaller towns. Many of the large cities have squandered opportunities to successfully address the violence while others sit back and do nothing.
If all we do is teach the negatives of America and not the positives, we will continually have a group of Americans who lack value for America. We must also fight to ensure every American has real opportunities to thrive and live the American dream.
America has abandoned veterans with red tape, ignorant staff, and sloppy agencies, which have led to high veteran suicide rates and a sense of no value. The Veterans Administration has failed veterans over and over. The Public Service Loan Forgiveness has been unable to help veterans over and over, and as their fellow Americans, we must stand for them. The failure stops now, and we will become their lifesavers.
Rural America has had the highest rate of persistent poverty for decades, causing young people to flee their towns to seek opportunity. We must provide accessible opportunities for small business development, homeownership, and advanced technology.
Elected officials such as city council members, alder persons, county officials, state officials, and federal officials fail Americans and America each day they see themselves as anything yl rolex datejust mens 116200bkrj 36mm black dial other than a public servant. Sadly, many elected officials see themselves as celebrities, royalty, and better than the people they should represent and serve. These are SNAKES, and Americans should cut their heads off.
Many micro, small businesses with less than ten employees are and will be, at a disadvantage based on inflation and lack of access to capital—redlining and time in business or typically the reasons provided. Either way, brilliant minds, and entrepreneurial spirits are being killed every day across America by those in power who chose to reject progress.
Americans who have fought to keep their businesses open despite pandemics, natural disasters, and low work ethics, and those who work hard every day will pay higher taxes because of bad policies and wasteful spending. While America is one of the most giving countries, it tends to provide at the cost of Americans who need more say as they foot the bill.