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Receive one of our beautiful made in America stickers when you make a minimum donation of $22.22.  Proudly display it on your vehicle, business, or residence to show your love for your fellow American. The sticker you receive will be based on the project you choose to support.

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Great American $22.22 Challenge is a movement between The New Patriots and like-minded Americans whose plan is to build the best American possible and preserve the lives of those that have served our country.


Great American $22.22 is a fundraising element to:

  • Cultivate Patriotism In America
  • Launch The New Patriot Training Centers
  • Reduce The Veteran Suicide Rate
  • Eradicate Food Deserts
  • Reduce Crime In America’s Large Cities

The Challenge will start in August 2022 until the end of 2022 . 


United States of America 


We are tired of the divisive tactics media and specific political organizations use for their selfish gains. As Americans, we are done dividing ourselves based on race, gender, etc. We are one nation under GOD and a union of states working to enhance the lives of all Americans. We can not keep going into other countries, breaking them down, and/or building them up when we need to be focused on ensuring the safety, security, health/ well-being, and overall needs of our American communities.


The New Patriots will implement viable and practical solutions derived from primary and secondary data. Whether you are Black, White, Asian, Indian, Latin, Hispanic, Indigenous, or any other American, it is time we unite and work together in this great melting pot called America to embody the incredible society we can be. There is strength in diversity that we must recognize and embrace.

Accept the Challenge

The Patriot sticker supports our efforts to reduce the daily Veteran Suicide Rate.

The Faith sticker supports our efforts to cultivate patriotism and The New Patriots Training Centers across America.

The Freedom sticker supports our efforts to reduce crime in America’s large cities.

The Family sticker supports efforts to eradicate food deserts in America’s Urban and Rural Communities.